We are able to offer MOT for both petrol & diesel cars.

If you would like to wait while we do the MOT approximate waiting time is around an hour, we have a waiting area where you can relax read the newspaper & have a tea or coffee.


Insure your car against future expensive MOT failure bills see below whats covered.

Key benefits:

  • For vehicles up to 10 years old and 100,000 miles at the policy start date
  • £750 claim limit including parts and labour
  • Covers lighting equipment, steering, suspension, brakes, seats and seatbelts plus much more
  • 12 months cover available

MOT Cover

For vehicles up to 10 years and 100,000 miles at the policy start date.

Optional Cover - Where the MOT option has been included your Policy provides the additional peace of mind of MOT cover during the duration of your policy as outlined below. At the Commencement of Insurance Your Vehicle must have at least 90 days of its current MOT remaining, or in the case of Vehicles under 3 years old, be more than 90 days from its first MOT date. The MOT fee and any retest fee are excluded from the cover provided.

What is Covered

The following items are covered where a VT30 (MOT failure certificate) is issued and lists the item(s) as the reason for not issuing a VT20 (MOT Test Certificate).

Lighting Equipment - Headlamps, front and rear side lamps, number plate illumination lamp, headlamp aim, stop lamps, rear reflectors, rear fog lamps, hazard warning lamps and control, direction indicator control, fog lamp on/off indicator.

Steering and Suspension – Steering control, steering mechanism and system, power steering, transmission shafts, wheel bearings, front and rear suspension and shock absorbers, suspension drag link, track rod ends, suspension springs, wishbones, swivel joints, suspension mountings.

Brakes - Master cylinder, wheel cylinders, calipers, discs/drums, load compensator, ABS modulator/sensors, electronic control unit, hoses / cables.

Seats and Seatbelts - The condition and operation of all seats, seatbelts, pretensioners and seatbelt mountings.

General - Carburettor, fuel injection, engine management unit or sensor replacement directly as a result of calibration failure to meet MOT exhaust emission standards, horn, speedometer, and speed limiter, windscreen wipers and washers, (excluding wiper blades and rubbers). NB. Tuning and adjustments only if necessary to meet MOT exhaust gas emission standards.

Exclusions -The following exclusions apply to the MOT Insurance.

1.  The first £10 of any claim.

2.  Components other than those specifically listed in the ‘What is covered’ section of this Insurance.

3.  Components which are not cited as failed on the VT30, but which are replaced during the course of the repair.

4.  Advisory items noted on VT30.

5.  Damage caused by defective wheel balance or alignment.

6.  Damage caused by road traffic accident or fire.

7.  Faults which occur during the period of guarantee of a manufacturer or supplier or items which are subject to a manufacturers recall.

8.  Damage caused by corrosion unless specifically stated otherwise in ‘What is Covered’, improper use of Your Vehicle, neglect or abuse.

9.  Any costs not agreed and authorised by the Administrator.

10.  Consequential damage, caused by the failure of Components not covered by this Insurance, or to Components not covered by this Insurance.

11.  Vehicle structure.

12.  Work carried out more than 30 days after the actual MOT failure.

13.  Any repairs not authorised by the administrator prior to the repair work being carried out.

14.  Any accident or structural damage, rust or corrosion, windscreen replacement or repair.

15.  Accidental damage (including stone damage) of any description.